Qoobo is a Robot Pillow with a Tail

Posted on October 13, 2019

Qoobo is a headless robotic pillow with a moving tail. It was designed by a Japanese robotics firm named Yukai Engeering. The plush pillow bot is intended to be a comfort item and therapeutic robot for people who cannot have a pet. Qoobo's tail will move slightly differently depending on how it is petted. It also sometimes moves its tail on its own. It has a rechargeable battery.

Qoobo was first introduced at CEATEC Japan 2017 by Yukai. The company bills it as a "tailed cushion that heals your heart." It was originally offered as a Kickstarter item. It is now available on Amazon.com.

Professor Nobuhiro Sakata of Dokkyo Medical University says, "Qoobo intrigued me because the shape of the tail and the ways it moves just bring a smile to my face. When you are stressed. I think this could comfort you and heal you. It's a refreshing concept to have humans and a robot communicate only through tail movements without relying on sounds or facial expressions. As a user, you would project your emotions onto how the tail moves, and you could get a sense of healing from that. I felt it after using the cushion myself."

Image: Yukai Engineering
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