These Cute Heated USB Slippers Resemble Narwhals

October 19, 2017
Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

These cute slippers resemble narwhals. The narwhal is also known as the unicorn of the sea. Narwhals have a unique tusk that protrudes from their heads. The spiraled tusk is actually a type of tooth with special sensory capability and millions of nerve endings.

ThinkGeek created Narhwal USB Heated Slippers to celebrate the amazing Arctic creatures. They are a light blue color with a white tusk and tail. The slippers plug into a USB port to heat up. The code detaches after charging. The slippers are made from Polyester. They have no slip rubber dots on the bottom.

The slippers measure 13 inches by 7 inches. They cost $39.99 and can be found on

Image: ThinkGeek

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