Wetsleeve Hands-Free Hydration System is a Kickstarter Success

July 1, 2017
Runners wearing wetsleeve

Wetsleeve is a hands-free hydration system that made its debut on Kickstarter. The lightweight sleeve is worn on the forearm. It contains a 12oz (350ml) refillable hydration reservoir. The concept is similar to the bands designed for holding smartphones but in this case it frees you from having to carry around a water bottle during your workout.

The reservoir can hold water or your favorite sports drink. It has a replaceable silicone mouthpiece near the wrist that you can drink from. It has a zip seal flap and roll-top opening for refilling.

The Kickstarter campaign is nearing its end. It has raised over $150,000 - well over its $25,000 goal. It has over 2,600 backers. You can get a Wetsleeve with a pledge of at least $39. It is estimated to be delivered in October 2017.

Image: Wetsleeve

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