Online Daters Want Specifics About Their Potential Dates

Posted on March 4, 2004

Online dating has been a hot trend for the past few years, but daters are demanding more and more specifics. Online daters want to be able to find out specific information about their potential date beyond just physical appearances. Daters want information like: smoking/nonsmoking, drinking habits, religious beliefs and whether their potential date has or wants children. Daters like this type of information because they can eliminate people they are not compatible with before having to suffer through a bad date.

Online matchmaking websites need to request this information from people seeking romance and then make it possible for users to search through the database for people who meet these requirements. A non-smoker should be able to quickly find profiles for only those who do say they do not smoke. Users of online personals should keep in mind that there is no way the personals websites can make sure people do not lie when they complete their profile.
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