Online Dating: From Geeky to Cool

Posted on February 11, 2003

Online dating is booming and geeks are not the only ones placing and viewing online personal ads anymore. Online personals are going mainstream.

People told USA Today they preferred web personals over traditional methods of dating because there are so many potential partners to choose from online and you can match qualities and interests, which helps to weed out potential bad dates. Online personal users also like online dating because it is fast and easy. Another plus is that you can review potential dates in the privacy of your own home. A downside is that it can be more difficult to tell if someone is lying on a profile than if you meet them in public. For this reason, many people choose a short first date or a double date the first time they met with a person they met through an online profile.

Jupiter Media predicts that over 25 million people will look at online personals by 2006 and 5 million of them will place personal ads.
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