Oprah Hula Hoops to Celebrate Success of The Butler

Posted on September 22, 2013

Oprah Winfrey does the hula hoop

Oprah shared this photograph of her using a hula hoop on her Instagram account. She shared the photo to celebrate the success of Lee Daniels' The Butler in theaters. The film was number one at the box office for three consecutive weekends. Oprah plays Gloria Gaines in the film. Oprah writes, "Doing the HOOLA thanking you ALL who've made @butlermovie #1 for 3 weekends! YAY!"

There is a segment about the hula hoopa on Oprah.com from 2009, which talks about it returning as a health craze. The article says the "quintessential suburban-sidewalk pastime has reinvented itself as a core-tightening workout that's actually fun."

Photos: Oprah/Instagram