Orange Creme Oreo Cookies Launch in India

Posted on April 25, 2014

Orange creme Oreo cookies

There is an Oreo cookie with an orange filling available in India. The new flavor was launched by Cadbury India Ltd. Oreo cookies are marketed by Nabisco in the U.S.

Anuradha Aggarwal, Director of the biscuit category, for Cadbury India Ltd, says orange is the top fruit creme flavor in India for cookies. She says, "Orange being India's favorite fruit creme flavor, we are confident that consumers will love Oreo Orange Creme and this launch will drive further growth for the brand in India."

Oreo cookies with orange filling have been available in the U.S. before. They were marketed as Nabisco Oreo Halloween Orange Creme Cookies during Halloween. They may taste differently than these new Oreo cookies Cadbury is offering in India. There was also a Candy Corn Oreos limited edition that included an orange color.

Photo: Cadbury India Ltd.