Oreo Eggs Expected in U.S. Stores Soon

Posted on February 15, 2017

Oreo Eggs

Oreo Eggs are expected to arrive in U.S. stores very soon. A People story from last month says the eggs are expected are expected to start arriving around mid-February. If you look at your calendar you will see that we are just past the middle of the month!

The chocolate delights have been available to Cadbury Oreo Eggs for over a year. The Cadbury version is also sold on Amazon.com in various sizes.

The version soon arriving in stores in the U.S. is not a Cadbury product. Foodbeast says the U.S. Oreo Egg will likely be "just as tasty regardless." Based on the above image the Oreo Egg is a chocolate covered egg with an Oreo creme filling. There are also little bits of Oreo cookie embedded in the creme. It won't be long now before the Oreo Egg is available in your local grocery store. They will cost $0.99 each.

A spokesman for Mondelez tells Fox 13, "Just in time for the Easter holiday, Oreo is once again opening the Wonder Vault to introduce a line of Oreo Eggs - a creme filled candy with cookie pieces. Oreo Eggs will begin rolling out to a variety of retailers nationwide in the U.S. starting in mid-February at a suggested retail price of $0.99."

Image: Mondelez

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