Oscar Mayer Unveiled Weiner Rover for National Hot Dog Day

Posted on September 5, 2015

Oscar Mayer Weiner Rover

Oscar Mayer unveiled this amazing new Weinermobile for National Hot Dog Day. The Weiner Rover is an all-terrain hot dog vehicle. It features heavy duty wheels so it can off-roading.

The new Weiner Rover is 23 inches tall and about 43 inches long. It can travel at speeds up to 20 mph. As you might expect the Rover is also able to carry hot dogs. It can hold up to eight hot dogs in its hot dog compartment.

Corey Rudd, senior associate brand manager at Oscar Mayer, says in a statement, "We consistently hear that people are hungry for a hot dog after they see the Wienermobile, but we have never been able to offer them the deliciousness they desire. We developed the Wiener Rover to go where no Wienermobile has gone before to surprise and delight our loyal fans at their local parks, beaches, festivals and beyond."

The Weiner Rover made its debut in New York City for National Hog Day on July 23rd but it could make appearances at other cities later this year. Here is a video of the Rover in action. Take a look:

Photo: Kraft Heinz Company