Over 20 Million Super Bowl Parties Planned

Posted on February 3, 2005

A study by BIGResearch found that 21.5 million people plan to throw a Super Bowl party for the big game this year in Jacksonville, Florida between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. This kind of widespread partying will result in the purchase of 1.4 million televisions and over 500,000 pieces of furniture according to the study. Team apparel is also popular and over 6 million pieces of team apparel and accessories will be purchased leading up to Sunday's game. Food and beverages purchases will no doubt increase for game day.

In addition to the game itself it is also a big day for advertisers and they will have an audience of over 145 million people. The FCC will likely be keeping a close eye on the halftime celebration as well. They don't want all those people watching to see any wardrobe malfunctions.
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