Panasonic Launches Line of Breakfast Appliances

Posted on May 16, 2013

Panasonic NT-ZP1 Toaster

Panasonic has announced a new line of high-end kitchen appliances called The Breakfast Collection. The collection includes a toaster, coffee maker and kettle.

The Panasonic NT-ZP1 Toaster (pictured above) is designed with transparent glass and stainless steel. It features ultra-wide bread slots and has seven browning levels as well as reheat and defrost indicators. The toaster costs $199.95.

Panasonic Breakfast Collection Coffee Maker and Kettle

The Panasonic NC-ZF1 Coffee Maker will have an SRP of $249.95. The 8-cup, cubic shaped coffee maker is made with stainless steel and has a glass finish.

The Panasonic NC-ZK1 Kettle is a stainless steel kettle with a 1.4 L water capacity. It has a pop open top and an ergonomic handle. The kettle will cost $179.95.

Photo: Panasonic