Panasonic Unveils Robotic Vacuum Called Rulo

Posted on March 30, 2015

Panasonic Rulo robotic vacuum

Panasonic has unveiled a triangular shaped robotic vacuum called the Rulo. The MC-RS1 Rulo will first launch in Japan this month. It features a dust sensor and two rotating brushes. It weighs under 7 pounds and is about a foot wide.

PC World is reporting that Panasonic plans to produce 5,000 Rulos per month. It is not clear when they will arrive outside Japan. PC World also says a listing price for the Rulo at an electronics retailer in Japan is the equivalent of $913 U.S., which would make it more expensive than high-end Roombas. The robot vacuum market is becoming increasingly crowded so the robots will either be able to clean much better or be much cheaper than the competition to stand out.

Photo: Panasonic