Party Planner Preston Bailey Gives Tips for Making Your Dog a Part of Your Wedding

Posted on June 20, 2011

Wedding planner Preston Bailey says incorporating pets into wedding ceremonies has become an accepted practice in the past couple of years. Before that, he found it pretty shocking when a client asked for her dog to play a role in the ceremony. Preston offers tips on how to have a stress-free and successful ceremony while still featuring your favorite canine.

Preston's top three tips are: 1. Always walk before the walk -- you don't want any doggie accidents during the service; 2. After their moment, it's all about the bride -- don't let the dog jump on the bride's dress; and 3. Predict your pet's unpredicability. Don't use an uncontrollable pet in a wedding ceremony. Instead, use a sculpture of your pet made out of flowers. That way, you can have a keepsake of the event. WSJ's Christina Tsuei reports: