Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Ugg Boots

Posted on January 28, 2012

The Mercury reports that a Pennsylvania middle school has banned Ugg boots. A major protest is brewing over the Pottsdown Middle School's ban on what they call open top boots. Parents and students alike are furious that girls (no boys have yet been spotted wearing Uggs to school) will now have to remove their Uggs when they get to school and change into other footwear. The school claims that children are hiding banned cellphones in their boots.

John Armato, the director of community relations for the Pottstown School District, confirmed that Uggs (real of fake) are the target of the crackdown, although he did not explain why girls were singled out for the fashion ban. The school requires that students' cellphones be turned off during school hours and kept in their lockers. But no one does that -- kids sneak cellphones into class.

Many parents aren't happy. After the Columbine shootings many parents gave their children cellphones to use in case of an emergency. But teachers don't want students texting during class. Even parents who don't mind the cellphone ban point out that the ban only applies to girls, who will simply stick their cellphones in their bras or their waistbands or a pocket. Banning Uggs is just silly.

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