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Edward Norton Gets a Little Help From Miley Cyrus for his SNL Monologue
Miley Cyrus and Alec Baldwin join Edward Norton for Ed's first Saturday Night Live monologue. (2013-10-27)

Cast of 30 Rock Talks About the Wrap Party and the End of the Show
The cast of 30 Rock visited Jimmy Fallon's show to talk about the show's finale at the end of January. (2013-01-11)

30 Rock Skit: Breaking News Report Starring Brian Williams, Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey
As part of 30 Rock's live episode last night, the show had flashbacks to live broadcasts of the past and how great they were. (2012-04-27)

Alec Baldwin Kicked off Plane for Playing Words With Friends on His iPad
Alec Baldwin got thrown off an American Airlines flight at LAX before it took off. (2011-12-07)

SNL Skit: All My Children Wrap Party
After 41 years on the air, the soap opera All My Children finally is off the air. (2011-09-25)

SNL Promos: Alec Baldwin Finally Gets to Tell His Banned Rupert Murdoch Joke
Here are the promos for tonight's Saturday Night Live premiere for its 37th season. (2011-09-24)

Video: In 1998 SNL Monologue, Alec Baldwin Hosts, Jimmy Fallon Predicts His Future Stardom
NBC just dredged this amazing clip out of the archives. (2011-09-23)

Ben & Jerry's Unveils Saturday Night Live Inspired Ice Called Schweddy Balls
Ben & Jerry's hsa launched its newest limited-batch flavor, Schweddy Balls. (2011-09-07)

Olivia Wilde is the Evil Queen in New Annie Leibovitz Photograph for Disney
Disney Parks has unveiled new Disney Dream photographs by Annie Leibovitz that show celebrities in famous Disney scenes. (2011-03-03)

Video: Alec Baldwin Talks Philanthropy, Retirement
Alec Baldwin talks about his life in this interesting interview with CNN. (2010-07-07)

Alec Baldwin Scuffles With Photographer After Leaving Hospital
The Alec Baldwin hospital incident became a bit clearer, as new reports surface. (2010-02-12)

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin Sit on Oscar's Shoulder in Official Poster
Co-hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin sit on the shoulders of a giant Oscar statuette in the official poster for the March 7th telecast of the 82nd Academy Awards. (2010-02-10)

First Look: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as Oscar Hosts
Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will co-host the 82nd Academy Awards. (2010-01-21)

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to Co-host 82nd Academy Awards
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has announced that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will serve as co-hosts of the 82nd Academy Awards. (2009-11-03)

Video: Alec Baldwin's Comic Speech at Elle Magazine Event
Alec Baldwin spoke at the Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood Event and he was very funny. (2009-10-25)