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  • Anthony Bourdain Takes Anderson Cooper to Dinner at Yakitori Totto
    Anthony Bourdain taks Anderson Cooper out for dinner at Yakitori Totto, a Japanese restaurant in this video. (2013-04-13)

  • Kyra Phillips and Anderson Cooper Demonstrate the Flowbee
    Kyra Phillips and Anderson demonstrated the Flowbee on Anderson Live. (2013-04-08)

  • Anderson Cooper Accepts GLAAD Award From Madonna
    Madonna dressed as a Boy Scout (a Cub Scout, if you want to get technical) to present the Vito Russo Award to Anderson Cooper at the GLAAD Media Awards. (2013-03-17)

  • Anderson Cooper Comes Out as Gay
    CNN journalist Anderson Cooper has come out and announced that he is gay. (2012-07-02)

  • Anderson Cooper Kicks Human Barbie Off Show
    Anderson Cooper kicked Sarah Burge, a British woman known as the "Human Barbie," off his show. (2012-05-24)

  • Olivia Newton-John Makes Kale, Apple and Beet Juice for Anderson Cooper
    Olivia Newton-John made a kale beet juice drink for Anderson Cooper on his show, Anderson. (2012-05-08)

    Miss Piggy Makes Anderson Cooper Try on Wigs
    Miss Piggy was tired of Anderson Cooper having just one look, so she made him try on several wigs. (2012-03-16)

  • Video: Stephen Colbert and ex BFF Jimmy Fallon Sing Somewhere Out There
    You may recall when Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert agreed to become Best Friends Forever for 6 months. (2011-09-17)

  • Video: Jon Stewart Discusses Anderson Cooper Being Attacked in Egypt
    Jon Stewart responded to the resignation announcement by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. (2011-02-03)

  • Anderson Cooper Attacked Again, Katie Couric, Christiane Amanpour Also Threatened
    CNN's Anderson Cooper was attacked for a second time while covering the Egyptian protests. (2011-02-03)

  • Anderson Cooper and Team Attacked in Cairo
    Anderson Cooper, his producer and his cameraman are in Cairo, This morning they were near Tahrir Square and got caught between pro and anti-government groups. (2011-02-02)

  • Video: Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin Discuss Their New Year's Eve Gig
    Although Kathy Griffin said CNN banned her for life after last year's New Year's Eve broadcast, Kathy is returning once again as co-host with Anderson Cooper for the New Year's Eve festivities. (2010-12-23)

  • Worldwide Orphans Foundation Honors CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper
    The Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO) recently honored CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper for his reporting on the plight of Haiti's orphans and vulnerable children at its Sixth Annual Benefit Gala in New York. (2010-11-20)

  • Video: Behind the Scenes With Anderson Cooper and Eminem
    In this behind the scenes video Anderson Cooper talks about what it was like walking through Detroit with Eminem for his 60 Minutes special that aired last night. (2010-10-11)

  • Video: Anderson Cooper's 60 Minutes Feature on Eminem
    Here is the full 60 Minutes Eminem feature and interview by Anderson Cooper. (2010-10-11)

  • New Trailer for Dilemma With Gay Reference Removed
    Universal removed the "that's gay" comment from the original trailer of the movie Dilemma starring Vince Vaughan, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Rider. (2010-10-10)

  • Anderson Cooper Talks Race With Children
    CNN commissioned a study about children and race, and the results were disturbing. (2010-05-14)

  • Anderson Cooper Swims With Great White Sharks
    Anderson Cooper swims with great white sharks on this Sunday's 60 Minutes. (2010-03-26)

  • Video: Anderson Cooper Gets Diagnosed With Swine Flu Via Satellite
    In this most informative -- and unintentionally hilarious -- video clip from CNN, Anderson Cooper discusses the swine flu with Dr. (2009-09-24)

  • Anderson Cooper Grills Candy Spelling About Mean Letter to Tori
    Candy Spelling appeared on Live With Regis and Kelly today to talk about her book. (2009-08-14)