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Sneak Peek at Joint Interview With President Obama and Hillary Clinton
Here's a sneak peek at the interview with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (2013-01-27)

President and Mrs. Obama Host Passover Seder Dinner at White House
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a Passover Seder Dinner for family, staff and friends, in the Old Family Dining Room of the White House on Friday, April 6, 2012. (2012-04-07)

President Obama and His Dog Bo Take a Limo Ride
The White House posted this photo of President Obama and his beloved dog Bo riding in the presidential limo. (2012-01-30)

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Convicted of Corruption: Faces Maximum 300 Years in Jail
The former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was convicted by a jury of multiple counts of corruption, including the charge that he tried to sell or trade President Barack Obama's Senate seat. (2011-06-27)

Video: Barack Obama Investigates His Irish Roots
President Barack Obama paid a visit to the small Irish village of Moneygall where his great-great-great grandfather Falmouth Kearney once lived. (2011-05-23)

Video: President Obama Tours Neighborhood Devastated by Tornados
President Obama toured a neighborhood in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which was devastated by a series of tornadoes. (2011-04-29)

SNLSkit: Democrats' Christmas Wishes
Saturday Night Live had a funny cold open last night. (2010-12-19)

Epic Fail: New Oval Office Rug Historically Inaccurate, MLK Quote Actually Said by Somebody Else
You know that new rug that was made specially to decorate the Oval Office? The one with all the awesome quotes from famous Americans lining the outside border? Well, somebody blundered big time. (2010-09-04)

Video: President Obama Declares the End of the American Combat Mission in Iraq
Tonight President Barack Obama declared the end of the Iraq War, saying "the American combat mission in Iraq has ended. (2010-08-31)

President Obama Goes Boating With Sasha, Wears Black Leather Sandals
Here's another cute vacation photo from the Obama's Florida vacation. (2010-08-29)

Barack Obama Talks Lindsay, Snooki, the Bieber on The View
Barack Obama appeared on The View today and took questions about politics, war and the economy. (2010-07-29)

Speculation About Chelsea Clinton's Wedding is at a Fever Pitch
Chelsea Clinton is getting married this weekend, but the details have been kept a closely guarded secret. (2010-07-29)

Barack Obama to Appear on The View Thursday
President Obama last appeared on The View in 2008 (seen above) when he was running for president. (2010-07-26)

Media Buzzing Over Who is On Chelsea Clinton's A-List Guest List
CBS News reports that a guessing game is underway to determine who is going to attend Chelsea Clinton's wedding in Rhinebeck, New York. (2010-07-26)

President Obama Says He Doesn't Know How to Use iPods, iPads, Xboxes or PlayStations
Reuters reports that President Obama admitted today in a graduation speech at Hampton University that he does not how to use many of today's most popular electronic devices. (2010-05-09)

President Obama: BP Will Pay Oil Spill Bill
The BBC reports that President Obama is in Venice, Louisiana today to see the massive oil spill as it begins to come onshore and meet with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. (2010-05-02)

President Barack Obama to Hire an Official Twitterer
President Obama doesn't have time to type in his own Twitter updates so he is looking for help. (2010-02-12)

Video: Michelle Obama Talks Childhood Obesity, Balancing Family Life
In an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer, Michelle Obama talks keeping family life a priority at the White House and about her new focus on preventing childhood obesity. (2010-02-03)

Top Ten Reasons Obama Appeared on Letterman Show
President Obama appeared on The David Letterman Show last night to discuss some serious issues. (2009-09-22)