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Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon Taste Test Her New Moisturizer
Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon dunked french fries in her new moisturizer after she told him all the preservatives were organic and food grade. (2016-03-08)

Selena Gomez Wears Alexander Wang, Hunts Ghosts on The Tonight Show
Selena Gomez looked amazing in an Alexander Wang slip dress on The Tonight Show. She hunted for ghosts and talked about her new album. (2015-10-15)

Bella Thorne Goes Neon in House of Holland Minidress
Bella Thorne looked fabulous on The Tonight Show in a hot pink and blue striped minidress from House of Holland's resort collection. (2015-08-01)

Sting Sings Roxanne With Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals
Sting joined Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals for a barbershop quartet version of Roxanne. He also discusses his Italian estate and the wines he produces. (2015-05-23)

Gwyneth Paltrow's Polarizing Jumpsuit Choice
Gwyneth Paltrow donned a pink Elie Saab jumpsuit to sing rap songs in a Broadway style on The Tonight Show. (2015-01-17)

Kerry Washington Wears Preen, Talks Game of Thrones Obsession
Kerry Washington looked fabulous in Preen on The Tonight Show. Kerry revealed her obsession with Game of Thrones and talked about the Scandal premiere. (2014-09-24)

Seth Rogen and James Franco Pop Out of a Cake for Jimmy Fallon's Birthday
Seth Rogen and James Franco popped out of a giant birthday cake for Jimmy Fallon's 40th birthday. They went shirtless for the event. (2014-09-21)

Barbra Streisand and Jimmy Fallon Sing a Medley of Tunes From Her New Album
The legendary Barbra Streisand sand a medley of songs from her new album with Jimmy Fallon subbing in for Elvis, Blake Shelton and Michael Buble. It was fabulous. (2014-09-16)

Britney Spears Reveals the Pros and Cons of Dating Her, Joins Tindr
Britney Spears joined Jimmy Fallon to reveal the list of pros and cons of dating her now that she's single. She also joined Tindr, but not voluntarily. (2014-09-10)

Meghan Trainor, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Perform All About that Bass
Meghan Trainor, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots perform her hit All About That Bass using only classroom instruments. They sound great. (2014-09-06)

Chef David Chang Challenges Jimmy Fallon to a Spicy Chicken Wing Eating Contest
Things got hot and spicy as Jimmy Fallon and Chef David Chang competed in a chicken wing eating contest. They each tried to make the other guy sweat. (2014-08-23)

Jimmy Fallon Shaves Jared Leto's Beard
Jared Leto's beard has been getting a little out of control and Jimmy Fallon offered to give Jared a trim. The results are surprisingly good. (2014-08-22)

Nina Dobrev Wears Naeem Khan Cocktail Dress to Play Giant Beer Pong
Nina Dobrev wore a very tight Naeem Khan cocktail dress and four inch heels to play Giant Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon. And she won. (2014-08-07)

Helen Mirren and Jimmy Fallon Play Mirren, Mirren
Helen Mirren is an enchanted mirror who answers questions put to her by a bewigged and costumed Jimmy Fallon. She gives her opinio on Fifty Shades of Grey and her dream job. (2014-08-05)

Julia Roberts and Jimmy Fallon Throw Giant Balls at Each Other'
Julia Roberts was a good sport as she played a game of Face Balls with Jimmy Fallon. They took turns throwing giant plastic balls at each other and watching the replay in slo mo. (2014-08-03)

Dwayne Johnson Explains His Throwback Thursday Fashion Choices
Jimmy Fallon asked Dwayne Johnson to explain his inspiration for his amazingThrowback Thursday fashion ensemble, complete with fannypack. (2014-07-23)

Miranda Kerr and Jimmy Fallon Play Flip Cup
Miranda Kerr Puts a face mask on Jimmy Fallon then plays a rousing game of flip cup with him. (2014-07-20)

Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon Make Like a Human Hamster Toy
Jimmy Fallon and Oscar winner Halle Berry turn into a human hamster wheel and roll across the stage. That's just how they roll, says Jimmy. (2014-07-09)

Pitbull and Jimmy Fallon Wear Tight White Pants and Play Giant Beer Pong
Jimmy Fallon challenged Pitbull to a game of giant beer pong outdoors, using World Cup soccer balls and huge cups. Tight, white, short pants were de rigueur. (2014-06-20)

  • Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins Visit Diagon Alley to Get Wizard Wands
    Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins visited Ollivanders in Diagon Alley at the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida. Their experience was different than the one for kids. (2014-06-17)