PepperBall Technologies Launches HotShot Pepper Spray

Posted on June 29, 2010

PepperBot Hotshot

PepperBall Technologies has announced the launch of HotShot, which shoots a disruptive cloud of hot pepper powder up to 12 feet. PepperBall says this helps impede would-be attackers. They argue tHotShot is stronger and more effective than traditional pepper sprays because the irritant utilized in HotShot pepper cartridges, PAVA (Capsaicin II), is the hottest pepper powder available to law-enforcement agencies.

PepperBot says HotShot is effective even if it not shot directly into an attacker's face and eyes. PepperBall says, "The HotShot powder cloud can be quickly deployed in the general direction of an attacker while maintaining its full effectiveness." HotShot also comes with practice cartidges contain a harmless, non-irritating powder.

HotShot retails for $39.99 and comes with one practice cartridge, one hot pepper cartridge and an instructional DVD. It can be found at sporting goods retailers.

"Everyone appreciates the ability to test fire the HotShot," said Conrad Sun, CEO of PepperBall Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of HotShot. "It really helps to ensure you're ready to move quickly and accurately when the product is needed. That being said, HotShot is extremely easy to use. Just point the product at an attacker, move the sliding safety latch and depress the trigger - a cloud of intensely hot pepper bursts towards your target and immediately penetrates the attacker's eyes, nose and lungs - causing incapacitation."