Petco Now Carries 25 Breeds of Tarantulas

Posted on May 23, 2016

Tarantula photo from Petco

Petco has announced that it now carries 25 different tarantula species. They have 12 temperate and 13 tropical speeds. Petco says four of the most popular varieties they offer are the Costa Rican Stripe-Knee, Mexican Curly Hair, Guyana Pink Toe and Rose Hair tarantula.

Tarantulas have eight legs and eight eyes. Each side of the tarantula's face has a large eye surrounded by three smaller ones. They shed their exoskeleton in order to grow larger. They can double in size with each molt. Petco has female tarantulas can live up to 30 years as pets while males live about seven years. They look creepy but Petco says tarantulas are "one of the most low-maintenance pets you will find."

Todd Gwynn, merchandise manager at Petco, says in a statement, "We're excited to expand Petco's tarantula offerings and give pet parents the chance to further explore the amazing world of arachnid. We are also proud to share that with this launch, all of Petco's tarantulas will be captive-bred. These unique and fascinating animals are a great addition to any home, offering endless learning opportunities for the whole family."

Photo: Petco