PhishTank Tracks Phising Sites

Posted on October 2, 2006

PhishTankPhishTank, a user generated database of known phishing sites, has launched. PhishTank allows people to submit phishes and track the status of their submissions. People can also verify the submissions made by others. Developers can also create software and mashups using the PhishTank API. PhishTank announced the launch in a post from the PhishTank blog. The post includes a description of how annoying and frustrating phising can be.
Phishing scams aim to trick innocent, unsuspecting people into thinking something bad has happened, or may happen, if they don't willingly hand over sensitive information powerful enough to devastate their finances. And if that doesn't frustrate you, consider this: over the past three years, phishing has become a multi-million dollar industry, profiting off fear and false trust.

Taking on phishing is no small task. And it's certainly something we can't do alone. The only way this site will work is if you submit suspected phishing sites, and tell your friends and family to do the same. And when you have some time to spare, stop by and verify some phishes for the community. We think you'll do all of this, because we believe you want to end phishing, too. Supporting PhishTank doesn't just help OpenDNS, it allows any developer building an application to incorporate anti-phishing data into their tools.
You can see an archive and a graph of the phishes submitted and verified at PhishTank. There is also a faq. PhishTank is a good idea and should help with the identification of many more phishing sites.