Pickle Flavored Lip Balm and Other Weird Lip Balms

Updated June 8, 2016, originally posted on September 6, 2010

Pickle Lip Balm

For those who like strange items, Neatoshop is selling a Pickle Lip Balm. The product listing says the dill flavored lip balms is "great for pickle lovers and fans of really weird lip balms." There is also a Wasabi-flavored lip balm available. We can't imagine wanting to go around with Wasabi on your lips all day. Other weird lip flavors available from the Neatoshop include Nacho, Bacon and Corn Dog.

Update 6-8-16

We could no longer find the weird lip balms above at Neatoshop. Both of the products are made by Accoutrements, which is a wholesale supplier of unique products. It does not sell products directly to consumers. We did find the Pickle Lip Balm on Amazon.com. The Wasabi lip balm is also on Amazon.com. It is sold along with a Wasabi gumballs product.

Wasabi Lip Balm