Pilots Forced to Wear Masks on Justin Bieber's Jet Because Pot Smoke Was So Thick

Posted on February 5, 2014

NBC has obtained exclusive details from the report by law enforcement officials when Justin Bieber's plane was detained by customs when he entered the U.S. just before the Super Bowl. According to law enforcement, the pop star and his dad were traveling on a Gulfstream private jet and they smelled marijuana when they entered the plane. Bieber admitted he had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol on the flight. The pilots told the cops that they repeatedly asked the passengers to stop smoking marijuana, but they refused.

The pilots were forced to wear emergency oxygen masks during the flight so as not to get high. The flight attendant said that Bieber and his dad were so verbally abusive to her that she had to hide near the cockpit and that she would never work a flight with them again. It appears that the pilots were so concerned that they called the tower to report the situation on board because the passengers refused to stop smoking, despite numerous requests by the pilots and the attendant. Bieber is out of control, no question. Unless he gets away from his enabling friends and family and gets to rehab, this is not going to end well. Take a look:

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