Pizza Hut Launches Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas

Posted on June 17, 2013

Pizza Hut Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizza

Pizza Hut has announced the launch of its Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas. The Flatbreads include a wood-fired style crust described as being "slightly cripsy." The Flatbreads come six to a box. Pizza Hut says they can be topped three different ways with up to three toppings each. The Flatbreads cost $11.99 for a box of six.

Pizza Hut Executive Chef Wiley Bates III said in a statement, "Our food innovation team is encouraged to experiment and create recipes that change the way America consumes pizza. We didn't invent flatbread pizza, but Pizza Hut's Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas strike the perfect balance between a product that's hot given current food trends and one that delivers an eating experience that is perfect for our customers."

Photo: Pizza Hut