Planet and Rock Themed Pillows from Pebbleplush

Posted on May 28, 2016

Rock pillows from Pebbleplush

Pebbleplush is an Etsy store that offers amazing pillows resembling planets and different types of rocks. The pillows can be purchased individually or in sets, such as the Nature Rock Pillow Set or the Solar System Pillow Set.

The roundish pillows at Pebbleplsuh are the pillows that most resemble rocks. The Yoga Pillow Nature Decor Pillow and the Space Rock Pillow are pictured above. You could photograph yourself carrying one around and it would like you were are strong.

Pebbleplush owner Paula Ma says the pillow covers are hand made in her New Jersey studio. The materials are imported from China. She says she personally investigated and picked the fabric and filler in Suzhou, China.

Solar System Pillow Set

Individual pillows range in price from around to $13 to $120. The pillow sets range in price from $279 to $507.

Photos: Etsy