Pluto Buzz Could Drive Interest in Pluto Stuff

Posted on August 27, 2006

Do you have any old solar system mobiles or toys? Text books featuring color photos of Pluto? Or maybe one of those styrofoam ball models? CollectSpace suggests these items may be pushed aside for new educational toys that include just eight planets. This is happening thanks to a controversial decision to drop Pluto as a planet.
It's the universal child's science project: a styrofoam ball model of the solar system. Today it comes in kits with nine balls - one for each planet - ready to be colored with the included paint. Soon though, those same kits are likely to start shipping sans a sphere.

The same is true for mobiles, glow-in-the-dark decal sets, orreries (mechanical models) and charts of all sizes.

An article from the Associated Press suggests modified solar system toys may be on store shelves in time for Christmas.

Of course, that means a clearance on Pluto products. A Pluto "going out of business" sale, so to speak.
The enormous buzz over Pluto could also increase demand for these objects. There could be a big increase in auction listings for pre-2006 Pluto collectibles. A straight Pluto search on eBay shows mostly Disney's Pluto in the first page of results. However, a search for Pluto planet shows dozens of interesting items. People are selling text books, collectibles and NASA poster maps. A good example of a Pluto item that should sell are these 1958 collector's cards that say "Pluto - the Coldest Planet." Items like this could definitely rise in value thanks to the increased interest in Pluto.