Poll Shocker: Men Reuse Underwear on Vacation, Women Don't

Posted on July 6, 2011

A new poll by a British travel agency reveals a shocking fact: men who go on vacation reuse their underwear. We know, it's horrifying, but try to get to a grip and read on. Men said they would take a paltry three pairs of underwear for a seven day vacation. 12% of those claimed they would wash their underwear (oh, please, like we believe that), and 37% said they would wear swim trunks most of the time and wouldn't need as much underwear.

Women who were polled said that they would take ten pairs of underwear for a seven day trip. CNN's T.J. Holmes exclaims, "That's just nasty!" We agree. Anchor Reynolds Wolf says, "Men are Neanderthals." Take a look: