President Obama and Vice President Biden Jog Around the White House

Posted on February 28, 2014

Michelle Obama asked people to help her get out the Let's Move message across social media. She promised that if enough people joined in that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would show us how they get moving. Well, people responded like crazy on social media and that meant that the President and Vice President had to get moving. Here is the video of the two of them jogging around the West Wing of the White House in suits and ties. The funniest part is the expression on the Obamas' dogs, Bo and Sunny, as their master goes running by them.

We know they both want to support the Let's Move program. But we think there is another reason for this video. After that eyebrow raising interview Biden did with Politico, in which Biden said Obama gave him "every sh*t job in the world" and talked about how much trouble he got in after coming out for gay marriage before the president did, a little public fence mending was clearly in order. The video also shows that Biden, who will likely run for president in 2016, is in good shape. Take a look: Take a look: