President Obama Goes Boating With Sasha, Wears Black Leather Sandals

Posted on August 29, 2010

Photo of Barack and Sasha Obama on a boat

Here's another cute vacation photo from the Obama's Florida vacation. President Barack Obama and daughter Sasha steer the "Bay Point Lady" during a tour of St. Andrews Bay off Panama City Beach, Florida on August 15, 2010. The president seems to have quite a grip on that wheel. Clearly, he's going to make sure there aren't any hilarious blooper reels of this vacation.

Are those black leather sandals the president is wearing with his jeans? They're certainly an upgrade from the Crocs and presidential emblem-embellished socks favored by President Bush. Still, tennis shoes or boat shoes would have been a better choice here.

We can't tell if the president is wearing mom jeans again, though. We'll assume he's traded those in for a more modern pair. And we really don't want to hear about it if he hasn't.

Photo: Pete Souza/White House