Prince George Has His First Crawl About With Other Babies

Posted on April 9, 2014

Prince George made his first ever public crawl today with a playgroup of babies at Government House in Wellington, New Zealand. The playdate was organized by Plunket, a support group for parents which arranges free home visits and other help for new parents. The ten babies were chosen by Plunket with an eye for diversity. One baby girl has two gay fathers. Other children were of Asian, Maori, Samoan and Polish descent. George is a big, strong baby. He is very close to walking and kicked his little legs so his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, would put him down to play. He has five teeth now and is teething. He just started on sold foods and is sleeping through the night. He seemed to get along with the other babies. He reached forward to touch one little girl's face and arm, and she started crying. Even Catherine patting her head didn't stop the tears. But no damage was done. Her mother said she is also teething and there are lots of tears. Overall, Prince George did quite well at his first meet and greet. Take a look: