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Here are the latest posts about Dinosaur Themed Products on Shoppers Shop:

  • Ugly T-Rex Christmas Sweater
    This T-rex themed Ugly Christmas Sweater is perfect for dinosaur lovers. (2019-12-10)

  • Prada Dino Tote for Dinosaur Fans
    This printed black canvas tote from Prada features the image of a cute dinosaur with mountains in the background. (2018-10-29)

    WowWee Launches Untamed Raptor and T-Rex Fingerlings
    WowWee has a new line of Fingerlings out that is scarier than the cute originals. (2018-10-08)

    Nachosaurus is a Dinosaur Themed Snack and Dip Holder
    This set from Barbuzzo will hold your chips and your dip for a prehistoric themed snack break. (2018-09-24)

  • Small Dinosaur Cell Phone and Tablet Holders
    These little dinosaurs can hold your smartphone or tablet. They are made with silica gel. (2018-08-05)

  • Witches, Batman Characters and Animals Top Adult Costume Choices for Halloween 2017
    The NRF has found that witches, Batman characters and animals are the most popular costume choices by adults for Halloween 2017. (2017-10-28)

  • Smithsonian Dinosaurs Metal Lunch Box
    This cool Smithsonian metal dinosaur lunch box has information on over 30 dinosaurs. (2017-07-08)

  • Melissa & Doug Launches Giant Stegosaurus Plush Toy
    Melissa & Doug have launched the jumbo-sized Stegosaurus plush toy. (2017-07-08)

  • Triceratops and Truck Taco Holders for Kids
    This little triceratops-shaped taco holder will be a hit with your dino-loving children. It holds up to 2 tacos on its back. (2017-04-16)

    ASOS is Selling Dinosaur Tails
    ASOS has started selling dinosaur tails. The plush tail has already sold out. (2016-09-02)

    Cute Dinosaur Planters from Two Trees
    Two Trees Botanicals carries a variety of dinosaur planters featuring different dinosaurs. (2016-07-02)

    T. Rex Oven Mitt for Dinosaur Lovers
    The T. Rex Oven Mitt is a dinosaur-shaped silicone mitt for grabbing hot pans. It looks cooler than your basic potholder. (2016-03-10)

    Disney Unveils The Good Dinosaur Toy and Apparel Collection
    Disney has unveiled a line of toys and products that tie-in with the upcoming animated Disney-Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur. (2015-11-03)

    T. Rex Fossil Mug Has a Tail for a Handle
    This clever T. Rex mug features a T. Rex tail bone handle. (2015-03-18)

    Animal Planet Radio-Control Flying Pterodactyl
    Toys R Us is carrying an Animal Planet Radio-Control Flying Pterodactyl. The RC toy costs $39.99. (2013-11-08)

    Book Review: The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs
    Book review of The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs by Dr. Robert T. Bakker, Illustrations by Luis V. Rey (2013-10-31)

    Wham-O Brings Robert Kirkman's Super Dinosaur to Snow Sleds
    Wham-O has partnered with Robert Kirkman to create winter gear based on Kirkman's Super Dinosaur comics. (2012-10-16)

    Pumpkin, Devil and Hot Dog Are Top Pet Costumes for 2012
    Pumpkin, devil and hot dog costumes have topped the list of the most popular pet costumes from the National Retail Federation's 2012 Top Costumes survey conducted by BIGinsight. (2012-10-01)

    Kigu is Selling Animal Tails
    Kigu, known for its cute animal suits, is now also selling animal tails. (2012-08-05)

    Tea Rex is a Dinosaur Tea Infuser
    Tea Rex is a silicone tea infuser shaped like Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the most fearsome predators to ever walk the Earth. (2011-12-28)