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There is a growing number of shark products on the market thanks to films like Jaws and the Shark Week event on Discovery. Here is our coverage of shark products, including products inspired by sharks.

Robo Alive Baby Shark Toys
Zuru Toys has created a new water activated Baby Shark bath toy called Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark. (2019-09-23)

Kellogg's to Launch Baby Shark Cereal
Kellogg's has collaborated with Pinkfong to launch a new cereal called Baby Shark Cereal. (2019-08-03)

Shark Attack Pet Costume for Dogs
This dog appears to be in serious trouble. (2018-10-16)

Baby Shark Singing Plush Toy
There is now a line of plush toys based on the popular Baby Shark Dance from Pinkfong. The toys play the popular song. (2018-10-06)

  • Cute Funko Moana Shark Head Figure Released
    The Funko Pop Disney: Moana Shark Head is a new Spring convention collectible from Funko (2018-03-01)

  • Shark Attack Bowl is the Perfect Shark Week Snack Bowl
    The shark attack bowl resembles the open mouth of an attacking shark. Look out! (2017-07-04)

  • Pillow Pets Launches Shark Week Pillow Pet
    Pillow Pets has launched a Pillow Pets Shark for Shark Week. It costs $29.99 (2016-05-27)

    Sperry Launches Jaws Shoe Line
    Sperry has launched a line of Jaws shoes. The shoes features Jaws images and blood stains. (2016-05-17)

    7-Eleven Launches Blue Donuts for Shark Week
    7-Eleven is offering blue donuts as part of a Shark Week promotion. The donuts are covered in Raspberry Slurpee flavored icing and blue sugar crystals. (2016-05-06)

    Cold Stone Creamery Celebrates Shark Week With Ice Cream Treats and Cupcakes
    Cold Stone Creamery is celebrating Shark Week with its Shark Week Frenzy Creation and Great Blue Cupcakes. (2015-07-03)

    Katy Perry Launches Left Shark Onesie and T-Shirt
    Katy Perry has launched a Left Shark onesie and t-shirt inspired by the shark in its (2015-03-03)

    January Jones Joins Instagram
    January Jones has joined Instagram. She has already shared photos of sharks, sisters and her Vogue Italia shoot. (2014-01-23)

  • How to Make a Sharknado Costume for Halloween
    Here is a video about how to make a Sharknado costume. (2013-10-08)

  • Tiger Shark Leaps Out of Water, Steals Fisherman's Catch
    A tiger shark leapt out of the water and stole a fish from a fisherman. The fisherman is lucky he was not bitten himself. (2013-04-12)

  • Alexander Wang's Inflatable Black Pool Shark
    Alexander Wang has designed an inflatable pool shark as part of his Objects collection. (2012-12-31)

    Air Swimmers Remote Controlled Shark and Clownfish Appear to Swim Through the Air
    Air Swimmers are a new line of remote controlled sea creatures that look like they swim through the air when they move. (2011-10-02)

    Katy Perry's Cat Sleeps in a Shark Bed
    Katy Perry's cat, Kitty Purry, sleeps in a shark bed in the photograph above. (2011-04-04)

  • Anderson Cooper Swims With Great White Sharks
    Anderson Cooper swims with great white sharks on this Sunday's 60 Minutes. (2010-03-26)

  • January Jones Campaigns to Save the Sharks
    Mad Men star January Jones loves sharks and she is trying to help save them. (2009-10-05)

  • Great White Sightings Shut Chatham Beaches
    The Cape Cod Times reports that Chatham beaches in Massachusetts have been closed because of great white sightings. (2009-09-06)