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  • Starbucks Launches Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween
    Starbucks has launched a limited edition Zombie Frappuccino beverage for Halloween. It has a pink whip topping. (2017-10-27)

  • Zombie Lawn Flamingos for Halloween
    These zombie flamingos will creep out your neighbors on Halloween. They are zombie versions of the pink lawn flamingos. (2015-10-03)

    Make Zombie Cookies for Halloween
    Zombie cookie kits and zombie shaped cookie cutters are available so you can make creepy zombie cookies for Halloween this year. (2014-10-12)

    Keira Knightley Drives Speedboat in New Coco Mademoiselle Campaign
    Keira Knightley drives a speedboat in this new campaign for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. (2014-03-20)

  • AMC Pranks New Yorkers to Promote Return of The Walking Dead
    AMC had zombies hide in a grate in New York City and scare New Yorkers to promote the return of The Walking Dead. (2014-02-09)

  • Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French are Zombies for Halloween
    Ashley Tisdale and her fiance, Christopher Frenh, went as zombies for Halloween 2013. Ashley was a Britney Spears zombie. (2013-11-01)

    PopCap Launches Plants vs. Zombies on Facebook
    PopCap launches plants Plants vs. Zombies on Facebook. This is its very first social version of the popular game. (2013-05-21)

    Carrie Underwood Talks Zombies and Childhood Clothing With Marie Claire
    Carrie Underwood covers the June 2013 issue of Marie Claire. Some of the subjects she discussed include zombies, childhood clothes and things she's bad at. (2013-05-14)

  • Ellen DeGeneres Frightens Emily VanCamp on The Ellen Show
    Ellen DeGeneres loves to scare people on her show. (2013-03-11)

  • British Company Lets Visitors Battle Zombies at Abandoned Shopping Mall
    A British company named WishCoUk has come up with a unique idea. (2012-06-20)

  • Kate Upton is Zombie Marilyn Monroe for Halloween
    Model Kate Upton went as Zombie Marilyn Monroe for Halloween (2011-11-01)

    Most Popular Children's Halloween Costumes for 2011
    Princess is still the number one choice for children's Halloween costumes according to NRF's 2011 Top Costumes survey, conducted by BIGresearch. (2011-10-28)

  • Walking Dead Cast Takes Fans' Questions
    The cast members of the hit zombie drama, The Walking Dead took fans questions on CNN. (2011-10-22)

  • Plush Zombie Slippers for Halloween
    ThinkGeek has some over-sized plush slippers that resemble zombie heads. (2011-10-15)

  • Trailer for Season 2 of The Walking Dead
    The trailer for season two of AMC's hit The Walking Dead premiered at Comic-Con. (2011-07-26)

  • ThinkGeek Launches Chocolate Zombie Bunny
    ThinkGeek's new hocolate Zombie Bunny will work for both Easter or Halloween. (2011-04-01)

  • Vampire Diaries Will Get Competition: Zombies Are Coming to the CW
    Deadline reports that the CW has ordered a pilot for a sexy zombie drama. (2011-01-28)

  • Plants vs. Zombies Pottery
    Plants vs. (2010-09-05)

    Halloween Party Treat: Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold
    ThinkGeek sells Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold, which looks just perfect for a Halloween party. (2009-09-07)

    College Kids Playing Humans vs. Zombies on Campuses
    The Boston Globe reports a game called Humans vs. (2009-04-28)