Puma Replaces Shoebox With Re-usable Shoe Bag

Posted on April 20, 2010

Puma Clever Little Bag

Puma has announced a target of reducing its carbon, energy, water, and waste by 25%, and developing 50% of its international product collections in footwear, apparel and accessories according to best practice sustainability standards by 2015. The Clever Little Bag pictured above is part of Puma's green plans. The new packaging designed by Yves Behar replaces the cardboard shoebox with a re-usable shoe bag. The new design provides a 65% paper reduction. Puma says the concept will reduce water, energy and diesel consumption on the manufacturing level by more than 60% per year.

"I was excited to partner with PUMA and contribute to such a game changing project," said Yves Behar. "PUMA's initiative to look closely at one of the most challenging issues facing the retail industry in regards to sustainability and environmental harm was inspirational. In changing the packaging and distribution life cycle from the ground up, we hope our new design and comprehensive solution encourages other retail companies to follow suit."