Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Tour the Game of Thrones Set in Ireland

Posted on June 24, 2014

The Queen visits The Iron Thorne in Belfast

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh visited Titanic Studios in Belfast, Northern Island, where the HBO show Game of Thrones films many scenes. The show is the largest television production in Europe, and has been responsible for creating n 900 full-time and 5,700 part-time jobs in the region, which has less than two million inhabitants. Local craftsmen make all the weapons and props used on the show. This is the full video from the event. The real visit starts at around the 29:00 mark where the Duke and the Queen view the props used in the show.

The Duke was quite interested in the weapons and the weapons master explained how they were made. The Queen also spent some time looking at the swords, crossbows, and other weapons from the show. The Duke picked up an unusual knife. Show co-creator and writer Dan Weiss informed the Duke that he had picked up the infamous castration knife used by Ramsay Bolton on Theon Greyjoy. The Duke hastily put it down.

At around the 35:00 mark the Queen and the Duke made their way to see the infamous throne room at King's Landing and the Iron Throne. The Queen entered the throne room and the assembled pool photographers start snapping photos like crazy from behind the press line.

Show co-creator David Benioff got the honor of introducing the Queen and the Duke the the cast. They met 17 year-old Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), 18 year-old Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Rose Leslie (the Wildling Ygritte), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), a nearly unrecognizable Conleth Hill with a full head of hair (Lord Varys), and Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister). Her Majesty finally got a look at the Iron Throne, but politely declined the offer to sit in it, much to the dismay of the press pool. It's a shame author George R.R. Martin couldn't be there.

Dan Weiss presented Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh with a special gift as they left: a miniature replica of the Iron Throne which the Queen carried out with her. Will she perhaps put it on her nightstand?

The books on which the series is based are, after all, based on The Wars of the Roses, a very violent time in the history of England in which bloody battles raged over who had the right to rule.

Take a look:

Photo: Northern Ireland Press Office

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