Queen Elizabeth Calls the Macabre Styling of the Royal Wedding Dress Exhibit Horrid and Creepy

Posted on July 23, 2011

Photo of Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge looking at the royal wedding dress

Yesterday Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge toured the Royal Wedding Exhibit at Buckingham Palace, which opened to the public today. The Queen was overheard expressing to Catherine that the way they had presented the wedding gown and veil was "horrid" and "creepy." The Telegraph reports:
The monarch led the way and, with her hands clasped behind her back, strode into the Ballroom and stopped about 10 feet from the dress with Kate standing beside her. As the pair chatted, the pitch of the Queen's voice raised and she said "horrible" and then "horrid".

It appeared the mannequin's lack of a head may have perturbed the Queen, who added: "It's made to look very creepy."
We had not noticed it until we read this, but Her Majesty is absolutely correct. The room is quite dark. In the center, the wedding gown is worn by a headless mannequin. The veil and the Cartier Halo tiara is suspended in air above the gown, making it look like a headless ghost is haunting the palace.

After the Queen's comments, Catherine was heard replying that perhaps it was meant to show a "3-D effect." But she didn't look terribly thrilled with the display either. They need to put the gown on a mannequin with a head, and raise the lights. It's supposed to be a display recalling a joyous event -- not an eerie, ghostlike monument.

Photo of Duchess of Cambridge royal wedding dress on mannequin

Photos: Clarence House