Rain Expected at Trump Inauguration and Secret Service has Banned Umbrellas

Posted on January 17, 2017

Trump inauguration seal

Rain is expected for Donald J. Trump's inauguration. It is still possible the rain may not begin until after the inauguration. Even before the rain arrives the forecast calls for a cloudy, dreary day. Rain is almost a certainty later in the day when people will be going to inauguration balls and protests.

A report from The Capital Weather Gang at The Washington Post notes a major problem with umbrellas. The Secret Service is prohibiting umbrellas in ticketed areas of the Mall. No umbrellas of any kind are allowed in this area. In non-ticketed areas there is not an outright umbrella ban but it is possible that the Secret Service may confiscate your umbrella.

The Capital Weather Gang says, "My best advice is to take a poncho with a hood and a small, cheap umbrella that, worst-case, you won't regret handing over to authorities." A CNN report advises leaving your umbrellas at home. However, the cheap umbrella idea is a good one if you are going to be in a non-ticketed area. The safest bet is to wear your most comfortable rain coat with a hood (or bring a hat) and waterproof boots. This way you will remain dry if it rains - even if the Secret Service takes your cheap umbrella from you.

The current inauguration forecast for D.C. from weather.gov says "Rain likely, mainly after 1pm. Cloudy, with a high near 50. Chance of precipitation is 70%." Other forecasts have the chance of rain at 90%. The inauguration is still three days out so maybe the forecast will change and Trump will get a sunny day but this is looking less and less likely.

Image: 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC)