Rebecca Black Launches YouTube Channel With No Videos

Posted on June 26, 2011

Rebecca Black Friday SmallRebecca Black has launched an official YouTube channel, located here. The channel so far contains no videos. The music video for "Friday" is noticeably absent. Rebecca Black's lawyers used a copyright claim to have the "Friday" video removed from Ark Music Factory's YouTube channel earlier this month. The request came after Ark Music Factory started trying to charge a rental fee of $2.99 to view the video.

It is not clear why "Friday" has not yet been uploaded to Rebecca Black's new YouTube channel. She launched the channel with a tweet nearly a week ago. There are probably still legal issues being worked out between Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory as to the ownership of the insanely popular music video. The song contiues to available here on iTunes.

Rebecca Black's YouTube channel bio says that Rebecca's music career began as early as 7. The bio says, "She starred in a local commercial when she was 7 for the building toy Puzzlecraft. She participated in a patriotic performing group. performing at over 50 locations including singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Angels Stadium. At age 11, she signed with a modeling management company. She started vocal lessons at 10 years old, and she's continued with it ever since."

Photo: Rebecca Black