Red Swimsuit Promotion Backfires and Annoys Instagram Users

Posted on May 4, 2017

Sunny Co. Red Swimsuit

Sunny Co. tried to give away a free swimsuit on Instagram and they were quickly overwhelmed. The promotion offered on Instagram promised a free suit to users reposting and retagging the image. Instagram users just had to pay shipping and handling.

Many Instagram users wanted the suit. In fact, the red swimsuit was shown so many times that it started to annoy some Instagram users. It also created a problem for Sunny Co. because they will be giving away a great many of the red swimsuits. The swimsuit is called the Pamela Sunny Suit. Sunny Co. sells it for $64.99.

A Buzzfeed story says the are thousands of reports of the swimsuit on Instagram. The exact number of swimsuits they will be mailing out is unclear. The company is trying to make good its offer. It seems they should have had language like "while supplies last..." in the initial offering. This is the type of incident that could end up with Instagram cracking down on promotions.

Photo: Sunny Co