Redlove Era Apple is Red All The Way Through

Posted on July 18, 2010

Redlove Era Apple

The Daily Mail reports that the Redlove Era apple has arrived in Britain. The fruit trees are available for purchase in Britain, but it will be a year before the fruit hits supermarket shelves in the country. The apple is red on both the outside and the inside. The apple's red flesh also will not turn brown like that of other apples. The Daily Mail says Mark Kobert, a Swiss fruit grower, spent 20 years cross-pollinating apples to come up with the Redlove. The BBC reports that the Redlove was "created through the cross-pollination of Royal Gala and Braeburn apples as well as a secret variety that has pink flesh."

Redlove Era Apple Pie

Suttons secured exclusive rights to sell the fruit trees in Britain. The company says the apple is high in antioxidants and is crisp and juicy tasting. Here are some of its other features: A video here shows the pretty red/pink blooms of the Redlove Era trees.

Photos: Suttons