Report: Calvin Klein to Edit Banned Couch Ad

Posted on January 29, 2009

Calvin Klein is going to edit its new Calvin Klein jeans ad after widespread criticism. After the banned Eva Mendes fragrance ad from last year, Calvin Klein has created another risque ad, this time for its jeans line. The ad has been banned even from late night TV, because it features several young men and topless girls writhing around on a couch in someone's basement. Basically it's every mom's worst nightmare come true.

WWD reports that the ad was photographed and filmed by Steven Meisel. WWD says the ad "has a grainy quality and looks like it was produced in an old basement."

The ad features Anna Selezneva, Anna Jagodzinska and Natasha Poly. WWD says Calvin Klein is working on an edited version for the U.S. market while the unedited version will air in some European countries.

Calvin Klein probably doesn't want to produce an ad they know won't air. However, they might like the idea of young adults - potential jeans buyers - watching the banned ad online. The ad will need to be significantly toned down to be appropriate for billboards and television.
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