Report: Teenagers Pressured to Share Passwords With Friends, Significant Others

Posted on January 28, 2012

The New York Times has an interesting article about how teenagers are sharing passwords with friends and significant others.

The article gives an example of a friend giving her friend her Facebook or Twitter password so she can study. The friend will change the password and not give the new password back to her friend until finals are over. If your friend can be trusted then giving them your password so you can study without distractions could be helfpful. It would be better to just to avoid Facebook, Twitter and your email while you study, but some teens apparently can't resist the temptation of checking for updates.

A more risky password behavior described in the article is when two teenagers who are dating create identical passwords for multiple accounts. They let each other read their private emails and texts. It is a weird new social behavior emerging in teenagers that could not have existed before the Internet. The article says the practice is increasing and there is often peer pressure involved for teens to share passwords. Passwords are a key to information and power. This is clearly creating some new challenges for teens.
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