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Here are the latest posts about Fraud and Scams on Shoppers Shop:

  • Multi-Million Dollar Coupon Counterfeiting Ring Busted in Arizona
    ABC News reports that three women have been arrested for running a coupon counterfeiting scheme in Arizona. (2012-07-16)

  • Fish Fraud: The Mislabing of Fish
    American consumers often don't get what they pay for when they purchase fish. (2011-05-30)

  • Facebook Users Falling for Facebook Dislike Scam
    BBC News reports that thousands of Facebook users are being tricked by a scam that ask them to install a "dislike" button. (2010-08-16)

  • George Clooney Testifies in Fashion Fraud Trial: I Don't Wear Long Jean Shorts
    George Clooney was as charming as ever when he took the stand to testify in a case of fraud. (2010-07-18)

  • FDA Warns About Fraudulent Tamiflu
    The FDA has warned about a fake Tamiflu product that is being sold online. (2010-06-20)

  • Billionaire Sues Christie's For Selling Counterfeit Wine
    Billionaire William Koch is suing Christie's, alleging that the auction house knowingly sold counterfeit wines over two decades. (2010-04-07)

  • Scotland Yard Shuts Fraudulent Sites Selling Uggs and GHD Hair Straighteners
    This is Money reports that Scotland Yard's e-crime unit shut down 1,200 scam websites that were selling counterfeit UGG boots and other products. (2009-12-05)

  • Fed Chief Ben Bernanke Victim of Identity Theft
    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was a victim of identity theft. (2009-08-27)

  • Bernie Madoff Pleads Guilty to All Charges
    Bernie Madoff has plead guilty to all charges, in a shocking courtroom scene. (2009-03-11)

    CBS Says Beware Of Craigslist Scams
    Craiglist is the Internet's classifieds leader. (2009-03-11)

  • U.S. Accuses R. Allen Stanford of $8 Billion Fraud
    Federal agents have reportedly entered the Houston office of the Stanford Financial Group. (2009-02-17)

  • Many Celebs, Politicians on List of Madoff Fraud Victims
    The list of victims of the Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme has been released as part of the U. (2009-02-07)

  • PhishTank Tracks Phising Sites
    PhishTank, a user generated database of known phishing sites, has launched. (2006-10-02)

  • Scammers Using Fake Charity Sites
    Fake charity sites are a big part of phising scams. (2006-08-23)

  • eBay Scams With Bots
    Selling an item you don't actually own on eBay and then pocketing the cash but never completing the transaction is an old eBay scam. (2006-08-17)

  • Cyberthieves Ready for Final Shipping Days
    This coming Tuesday is the end of regular shipping for most retailers. (2005-12-15)

  • Holiday Auction Fraud Concerns
    An article from WQAD lists the top ten dot cons and look what's listed at number one -- Online Auctons. (2005-12-02)

  • Spamalanche Warning Issued: Prepare to be Inundated
    Get ready for your email inbox to be stuffed with unsolicited messages. (2005-11-01)