Retailers Springing Christmas on Shoppers Ahead of Halloween

Posted on October 29, 2008

Some retailers are already going full steam ahead with Christmas decorations and holiday banners. Candymakers pushing less new candies this year may have something to do with it but do we really need Christmas music playing already? This is happening despite the fact that we are all still in a Halloween mood. We want ghouls, ghosts and witches not Frosty and the Little Drummer Boy. The Wall Street Journal has also noticed this trend.
That's a pretty good costume your retailer has on. You can't tell it from Father Christmas.

Merry Halloween. Trick-or-treaters don't head out until Friday, but consumers are finding themselves pushing carts amid a barrage of Christmas decorations -- think pumpkins under the tree -- and having to choose between buying Halloween paraphernalia and getting a jump on purchasing gifts for Dec. 25.
The AJC says they noticed employees at the local Wal-Mart putting the finishing touches on the Christmas Shop days before Halloween had even arrived.

If you have been out shopping lately you have probably witnessed this yourself. We saw a local drugstore reducing the amount of Halloween items and replacing them with Christmas products yesterday. Please retailers don't take down the Halloween decorations and candy before people even have a chance to buy them. Halloween is still three days away and no one wants Christmas ornaments yet.
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