Russell Crowe Talks Weight Gain for New Role

Posted on October 10, 2008

Screen shot from Body of Lies

Russell Crowe put on 63 pounds for his role in the new Ridley Scott film, Body of Lies. So, how did he do it? It involved lots of Sprinkles cupcakes and cheeseburgers for breakfast, but no booze.

Crowe told Extra, "It's a substantial amount! I'll have the cheeseburger for breakfast thank you."

Crowe also said that it was really easy to gain the weight. Crowe says, "At my age, I have to watch everything I eat. I have to be really disciplined. If you take off those disciplines, all hell breaks loose. And it happens pretty quickly."

For all of you that are worried about Russell's health, he's already lost most of the extra weight. We remember when he gained all that weight for The Insider. He said that his cholesterol and blood pressure went through the roof and his doctors were not happy. He then had to lose it all for Gladiator. He said he'd never gain weight for a role again...but apparently Ridley Scott is quite persuasive.

Photo: Warner Bros.