Sales of Tiger Woods Golf Video Game Disappoint

Posted on July 15, 2010

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

The latest Tiger Woods golfing game from Electronic Arts was a disappointment. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 only sold a third as many copies as last year's version sold in its first month. This could be fallout from the Tiger Woods philandering scandal. The Wall Street Journal says the game also failed to break into the top ten list of bestsellers for the month.

Tiger Woods was forced to share the cover of the video game with another golf for the very first time on this year's edition. If sales continue to disappoint it will be interesting to see if EA Sports sticks with using Tiger Woods in the title of the game. It may very well depend on how well Tiger plays in the real game of golf. Very few athletes get sports video games named after them. The games tend to be named after the sport with different athletes covering the game box art.

Photo: EA Sports