Sam Stosur Wears Oakley Enduring Sunglasses During Matches

Posted on June 4, 2010

Sam Stosur Oakley

Australian tennis star Samantha (Sam) Stosur defeated world number one Serena Williams to make it to the French Open finals on Saturday. Oakley, Inc. has announced that Sam Stosur will be wearing the company's Enduring performance sunglasses when she competes tomorrow. Stosur has worn Oakley eyewear technology during her entire career. The sunglasses contain technology that automatically darkens the lenses in response to increasing sunlight.

Sam says, "The Photochromic lens has been my favorite since I first wore it, for the simple fact that you can start playing a match in complete sunlight and then the clouds come over before you know it, and it's a lot darker. Knowing that with these lenses, nothing is going to change and I can keep the same eyewear on the whole time -- that's a great advantage. Especially being here in Europe, where it's not as sunny all the time like back home in Australia."