Samsung Safety Truck Uses Giant Display to Help Drivers See Road Ahead

Posted on July 6, 2015

Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung has unveiled a display for trucks to help reduce road accidents. The Samsung Safety Truck has giant screens on the back of the truck. These screens provide drivers behind the truck with a clear view of what is currently in front of the truck. This helps cars pass the truck without having to venture back and forth into the lane to see around it.

The system uses a video wall made from four panels in the back of the truck and a wireless camera at the front of the truck that transmits the video to the back. Samsung says, "The monitors give drivers behind the truck a view of what is going on ahead, even in the dark of night." It would require an investment by truck companies but it would improve safety for drivers.

Samsung also released a video showing drivers in Argentina using the rear truck displays on a prototype Samsung Safety Truck to decide when to pass the truck. Samsung says Argentina has some of the highest accident rates in the world with many of the accidents occurring on two-lane roads in situations of cars overtaking trucks. Samsung says, "An idea that instead of changing people's lives, saves them." Take a look:

Photo: Samsung