Sarah Jessica Parker's Valentine's Day Cards From Hallmark

Posted on February 7, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker Hallmark Valentines Day Cards

Sarah Jessica Parker recently partnered with Hallmark for a collection of cards, stationery, gift bags and more. Her new greeting card collection includes 12 Valentine's Day cards. The above cards are called "Heart & Rose" and "Happy Day." The interior of the Heart & Rose card says, "Happy Valentine's Dayto someone who makes hearts happy all year long... especially mine." The Happy Day card reads, "To happiness, to goodness, to love... Today and every day of the year!"

The card below, called "Face," features a pretty drawn face with hair made from pink flowers. It contains the following interior message: "Wishing a lovely Valentine's Day - to lovely you.."

Sarah Jessica Parker's Hallmark Valentines Day Card called Face

Photos: Hallmark