Seattle Chocolate Company Opens Jcoco Pop-up Shop

Posted on June 9, 2015

Jcoco chooclate pop-up shop

The Seattle Chocolate Company has opened up a pop-up shop in Bellevue, Washington for its jcoco chocolate line. The colorful store is located at 575 Bellevue Square. It will remain open through December 2015.

The store will offer a trio of branded experiences starting with a look inspired by the vanuatu coconut pecan bar. The store will regularly host Friday tasting events. The jcoco chocolate brand also has a website at

Seattle Chocolate Company owner and CEO Jean Thompson, says in a statement, "Our jcoco pop-up shop is so much more than just another chocolate shop - and we designed it that way deliberately. We wanted our guests to taste, touch, explore and fully engage with our brand and its vision, so we created a shop that offers a hands-on, treasure hunt-like experience for retail lovers and chocolate enthusiasts."

Photo: Seattle Chocolate Company